Wahab Sa’adu cuts off own penis after witches told him to in dream

A compilation of the times this particular body part has made an unexpected appearance.

”Witches hypnotised me” ... A fashion designer in Nigeria claims he cut off his penis after being told to do so in a dream. Picture: ThinkstockSource: ThinkStock

A FASHION designer has cut off his own penis stating that he was acting on the advice of witches who had hypnotised him in a dream.

Wahab Sa’adu, 35, reportedly cut off his penis with a razor blade outside his home in the village of Alapa in Kwara State, western Nigeria, Leadership Nigeria reported.

Sa’adu reportedly rushed back into his house after his drastic action.

“We were at home preparing for the day’s work when Sa’adu came in with part of his manhood in his hand with blood stain all over his trouser,” a family source said.

“His (Wahab’s) loud cry drew the attention of people in the neighbourhood to our house and everyone was shocked to see what had happened”.

Sa’adu’s father fainted on sighting the severed part of his son’s manhood.

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The young man was taken to a private clinic before being taken to a private hospital in Tanke, Llorin, the capital of Kwara State.

Sa’adu said from his hospital bed that he cut off his penis on the instructions of witches who appeared to him in his dreams, telling him to cut off his penis since he was impotent, Pulse Nigeria reported.

“Prior to the incident, I had a dream in which three unidentified women appeared to me and ordered that I drink battery acid, which I did the following morning without the knowledge of anyone,” he said..

“Three days after, I had another dream where the same women ordered me to wake up and cut off my manhood. It was after cutting it off that I regained consciousness. So I rushed home for immediate remedy.”

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Johanna Griggs with new Better Homes and Gardens recruits Adam Dovile and Demi Harman. Source: Channel 7

ADAM Dovile says his fiancee Lisa promised him that his life would “go back to normal” after their stint on House Rules, but instead it’s turned out crazier than ever.

On top of living the dream of a mortgage-free lifestyle, Dovile has proven so popular with audiences — and Channel 7 execs — that he’s landed a follow-up gig on TV.

The Melbourne native will be introduced to audiences tonight as the new builder on Better Homes and Gardens and he says no one was more surprised than him over the new role.

“One day I got this phone call from Channel 7 and I was like ‘what the hell’, literally I said ‘are you sure you’re ringing the right person? Are you sure you want me?’ I couldn’t believe it.

“When it happened and I looked at Lisa and said, ‘Hun, you said we go back to normal and I’m pretty sure this is not normal. This is far from normal!’”

The 2015 Better Homes and Gardens crew.Source: Supplied

Taking home the life-changing prize of having their entire mortgage paid off after winning Seven’s renovation show, Dovile says he still hasn’t wrapped his head around how huge the win really is.

“To get your mortgage paid off, I still pinch myself today. That is a massive prize, and to have your house done up on top was is a prize in itself. It’s just crazy.”

While the money may have been handed to the bank rather than in a big novelty cheque, Dovile says it was an even better to win that way.

“If you give someone that amount of money, just over half a million dollars, you could blow it so easily, money goes quick. At least this way it’s like you know that it’s paid off and you’ve got this massive asset, but its not until the monthly repayments aren't coming out and then as the months go by and it's a bit more money there, a bit more money there. I said to Lisa, ‘it’s like the prize gets bigger and better as the months go on.’ You’re winning every day.”

Adam Dovile and fiancee Lisa Lamond.Source: News Corp Australia

Victorian couple Adam and Lisa won House Rules last year.Source: Channel 7

On Better Homes and Gardens, Dovile will be doing everything from large-scale bathroom and kitchen renovations to simple DIY tips around the house.

But, while he has had a fair bit of airtime already, he said presenting is a whole new kettle of fish.

“On House Rules I was myself, I ignored the cameras and whatever they got, they got, but with this, the thing I’ve struggled with is that you do have to look down the camera like it’s a person, that’s been the hard part for me.”

Dovile and fiancee Lisa have both been sharpening their building skills lately, having just returned from a five-day trip to Nepal with charity Habitat For Humanity, building decent and affordable housing for whole communities in poverty-stricken areas.

The pair have now moved to Sydney.Source: Supplied

Adam and Lisa had their mortgage of half a million dollars paid off.Source: Supplied

The handy duo were part of a team of 500 people from around the world who built 40 houses for 40 families living in a slum in Chitwan.

“You’re moving the whole community in, you’re not just building one and that’s what I liked about it. You have to keep the community together.

“We help them build their house and they help us build it and are involved and then go on an interest free payment plan to pay it back over two years so then they actually own land in their own country, instead of where they’ve come from living in the slums, the Government can pull it out from under them.

“It was amazing and really just opens your eyes. When we won, we felt like it was such a big prize for such a young couple and we felt like we wanted to give back.”

Catch Adam Dovile on Better Homes and Gardens, Fridays at 7pm on Seven.

The pair were involved in building 40 houses for 40 families.Source: Supplied

Over 500 people took part in the building project.Source: Supplied

They travelled to Nepal for five days.Source: Supplied

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Matthew Johns and Ben Ikin discuss the contract situations of Manly halves Daly Cherry-Evans and Kieran Foran.

Jake and Tom Trbojevic are set for the big time with Manly.Source: DailyTelegraph

GLENN Stewart’s move to South Sydney has brought an end to one of the most dominant brotherly partnerships in rugby league history but Manly won’t have to wait long for another one.

Meet the Sea Eagles’ next king pin siblings — Jake and Tom Trbojevic.

A fullback and front rower, the Trbojevic brothers are born and bred locals considered the future of Manly.

It is a label that would be daunting to most but the young guns insist they are taking it all in their strides.

Jake Trbojevic during his NRL debut in 2013.Source: News Limited

“I appreciate people saying those sorts of things but we know that is a long way off,” Jake said.

“They’ve played 10 years together and we have never played together so we are a long way off that. It is something to aim towards but we don’t think we’re them.”


Tom added; “It is quite funny just the way it worked out — two fullbacks and two forwards.”

Manly Sea Eagles rising star Tom Trbojevic.Source: News Corp Australia

Living together at the family home in Mona Vale the brothers are yet to play a single game together in any grade.

With Tom making the jump to the NYC, 2014 was their first opportunity to line-up together however Jake was promoted to NSW Cup despite still being eligible for the NYC.

“We’ve always been two years apart,” Jake said.

“Last year we could have played together because he played Under 20s but I didn’t, so it didn’t work out.

Tom Trbojevic of the Sea Eagles scores a try during the Auckland Nines.Source: Getty Images

“It would be pretty cool to play with your brother.”

Last year 17-year-old Tom rejected some big money offers from rivals to re-sign with the Sea Eagles — tying both men to the club until the end of 2016.

The rangy fullback has spent the pre-season training alongside his brother in the full-time squad which puts them a step closer to realising their dream.

“Growing up together playing footy it is good to be training together and hopefully play together one day,” Tom said.

Sea Eagles young gun Tom Trbojevic.Source: Supplied

“Ultimate goal is to play NRL. We joke about playing together all the time saying stuff like ‘I’ll put you over for a try’ and that sort of thing.”

Studying economics and finance at Macquarie University, Tom in 2014 represented NSW in the under 18s alongside Newcastle rookie sensation Sione Mata’utia.

Mata’utia enjoyed a breakout rookie season, going on to play for Australia in the Four Nations — and according to league legend Matthew Johns; it’s just a matter of time until Tom joins him.

A 17-year-old Jake Trbojevic.Source: News Limited

“It inspires you to play the game and gives you a good feeling,” he said of Johns’ comments.

The confident young gun, who was a standout at the Auckland Nines last week, said he has been acting like a sponge around Brett Stewart at training.

Looking up to Stewart and Jamie Lyon as a child, he said training alongside his heroes has been surreal.

“First training session I was passing the ball to Jamie Lyon and I was like ‘wow’,” he said.

“I felt like I was dreaming.

“On the training field (Brett) helps me out and gives me tips on where to be.

A young Tom Trbojevic selected for NSW Under 12's interstate championships in Darwin.Source: News Limited

“You look at the way he plays and definitely try and mirror some of the attributes when you try and play because he is so good.”

While Tom will push for a spot in the NRL side along with the likes of Clint Gutherson, the older of the duo, Jake, 19 made his NRL debut against Penrith in round 26 of season 2013.

Having worked his way through Manly’s lower grades, Jake has only recently returned to full contact training following two nasty leg injuries he suffered when a ball carrier landed awkwardly on his leg while he was making a tackle.

Jake Trbojevic in action.Source: News Limited

“Last year I got injured,” he said.

“I broke my leg and dislocated my ankle. I did it in round 15 and five months on its still not 100 per cent right. I’m still in rehab a bit. I’ve been running but it has been pulling up sore. The leg is fine, it’s my ankle. The dislocation has caused the ligaments to be tight.”

While Tom said he is happy to stay patient and bide his time for his chance in first grade, Jake is confident he won’t need to act as a body guard.

“He’s pretty fast. He’d be right,” he said.

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