Simon Corbell has joined government leaders from across Australia in a last-minute push to urge the Indonesian government not to execute Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.
Melbourne United avoid lowest ever NBL score in 105-68 loss to Townsville Crocs in Townsville.
The InterDominion series controversially lost one of its stars when Christen Me was a race day scratching, but the other favourites Lennytheshark and Beautide made their marks on the track.
The great Canberra race to China has officially begun, with the ACT Brumbies locked in negotiations to take a Super Rugby pre-season match to the most populated country in the world.
Doctors call Michael Crossland a miracle. They don't know how he is still alive.
It is an unlikely friendship; the multimillionaire entrepreneur from Adelaide and the artist on death row.

Royal commission to be debated in Parliament

The creation of a royal commission into children in detention will be debated in the Senate, after the release of the Human Rights Commission's damning inquiry into children in immigration detention.

Hungry students queue with the homeless

Struggling international students are flocking in record numbers to free soup-kitchen style meals organised by the Salvation Army for the homeless.
Melbourne's Yarra River planning overseen by different councils and agencies with guidelines that can easily be ignored is on the way out. New controls are on the cards.
Teachers are getting much better at picking up plagiarism in students' work, Matthew Raggatt reports.
Better surveillance has seen an increase in arrests at Canberra Airport. Matthew Raggatt and Niall Boyle report.
A specific type of pig cell could soon be transplanted into humans, according to a senior immunology researcher, reigniting the prospect of pig organs ultimately being used in life-saving operations.
She has never spent a day in opposition, so what does popular former chief minister Katy Gallagher hope to achieve in the Senate?