Agents for prestige homes are expecting a boom in sales fuelled by the falling Aussie dollar and bullish high-end sales results.
Developing your technique is crucial for playing high-level repertoire, but there's a difference between quantity and quality of practice, one teacher says.
Mount View Deaf Facility has been educating hearing-impaired children for 20 years and its success gives its students a key to the door of mainstream learning.

Apartment of the week: Ocean-view allure

Modern lines in one of Sydney's most glamorous beachside suburbs.

House of the Week: Lavender Bay

This week we visit Lavender Bay.
Clovelly is a little bit off the beaten track and that suits the locals nicely. While Bondi and Coogee pull the big summer crowds, Clovelly, Bronte and Tamarama cater to the locals and those in the know.
So common are the flat-faced, amended terraces in the heritage areas of eastern Australia's main towns and cities that we have largely forgotten how dreadfully disfigured they are.

More bang for your bond

Bond money earns $60 million in interest

Flat Chat - Death by proxy

Misuse of proxy voting can defeat the purpose of meetings where the wishes of apartment owners are supposed to be represented.

City-living appeals to Sydneysiders

New developments embracing the industrial heritage of city buildings are proving a hit with Sydney apartment-buyers.

Smart Buys

This week we visit Lewisham, Gladesville, Manly Vale and Redfern.
The Sydney housing market remains the top performer of all capitals.

Weaker Melbourne market takes shape

Three weekends into the 2015 Melbourne auction season proper and early indications of weaker market activity are consolidating.

Title Deeds

Who's selling what where.