Nicholas Barsoum, centre, who was bashed at the Ivy nightclub.

Nicholas Barsoum, centre, who was bashed at the Ivy nightclub. Photo: Kate Geraghty

A young man who was bashed by bouncers at the Ivy nightclub is suing bar baron Justin Hemmes' companies for about $1 million in damages.

Nicholas Barsoum was 19 years old when he was punched, kicked, gagged, stomped on and hauled down the stairs into the fashionable club's basement in the early hours of August 28, 2011.

Four bouncers, including the second in charge of security, Menelaus Hendra, and a trained cage fighter, Emmanouil Ntaras, received jail terms of up to 27 months over the attack.

Justin Hemmes, whose companies are defending the claims.

Justin Hemmes, whose companies are defending the claims. Photo: Wolter Peeters

Mr Barsoum suffered internal bleeding and serious facial injuries, including a fractured nose and a ruptured right ear drum. He has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and continues to experience depression, anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks.

In a statement of claim filed in the NSW Supreme Court, Mr Barsoum is seeking general damages in part to cover the medical, psychological and psychiatric treatment he has needed and will continue to need.

The 21 year old, whose degree in applied science at the University of Sydney has been interrupted since the incident, has asked the court to award compensation for both past and future loss of earning capacity and superannuation.

Facebook picture shows Ivy security guard Emmanouil Ntaras.

Facebook picture shows Ivy security guard Emmanouil Ntaras.

He is also claiming aggravated damages to compensate for his mental anguish and distress, and exemplary damages, which are awarded by a court to punish or deter a defendant from similar conduct in the future.

Mr Hemmes' company Hemmes Holdings and its subsidiary Our Security is defending the claims.

Mr Barsoum was celebrating a friend's birthday at the upmarket club when security guards threw him out following an altercation with his former girlfriend.

Shortly afterwards, just before 2am, he returned with a group of friends to confront the bouncers. CCTV footage and footage filmed on a camera phone by a witness showed a guard holding him down while other guards punched, kicked, choked and stomped on him. He was then dragged down the fire stairs to the basement, where he was made to sit on a stool while the punches and kicks continued and was told he was "going to die young".

During his trial in the Downing District Court in August 2012, Hendra admitted he did not administer first aid but kicked the injured patron because he [Hendra] had been spat on.

In a defence filed with the court, the defendants said the security guards acted in a "reasonable manner" when Mr Barsoum and his friends returned to the George Street night spot behaving in a "belligerent, abusive and aggressive" manner, including throwing witches hats and brick pavers.

The basement assaults by Ntaras, Hendra and fellow bouncers Paul Fenukitau and Jason Mendelow are admitted but "were independent acts motivated primarily by personal animosity and vindictiveness", the defence states.

Neither the then-licensee Justin Tynan, Hemmes Holdings or Our Security is vicariously liable for the bouncers' actions as they "did not authorise, condone, encourage or approve the committing of any assault upon the plaintiff", the defendants say.

Further, any injury, loss or damage suffered by Mr Barsoum was partly his own fault because he failed to take reasonable care for his own safety, voluntarily returned to the club to confront the bouncers and resisted reasonable attempts to restrain him.

The matter returns to court in May.